Alcoholics Anonymous - (855) YES-REHAB Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline

Anonymous Drug Tip Line

Drugs and crime prevention can not be achieved by police alone. The law enforcement can use an anonymous drug tip line and crime tip line to fight an overwhelming amount of drugs and crimes in our communities. The police department is heavily dependent on public to notify them of any suspicious drug or crime activities, and are ready to fight together against these national problems. By providing an adequate and accurate information, received from anonymous tips, leads to hundreds of arrests and drug busts.

The law enforcement agencies attracting the anonymous drug and crime tips by offering cash rewards, and anonymity to tipsters. In the past two years, most of arrests were drug-related, and about $250.000.00 in drugs and properties were recovered. (more…)

Narcotics Anonymous Helpline

Narcotics Anonymous Helpline is designed to help the individuals straggling with addiction to the narcotics, also known as painkillers, and are in the desperate need of counseling,  education about the addiction and drugs facts. We first identify the type of addiction you have, discuss different treatment options, and then help you to get assigned to an appropriate facility in your area.

Opioids  (or opiates) also called narcotics — are pain relievers made from opium, which comes from the poppy plant. The most commonly used products from opium are: Morphine and Codeine. (more…)

Narcotics Anonymous Hotline

Narcotics, or opiates, are a class of drugs that are used for treating pain. They are derived from opium which comes from the poppy plant. Opiates have different names-opioids and narcotics. The term opiates is commonly referred to codeine, morphine and heroin. The term opioids is commonly referred to class of synthetic drugs, such as as Oxycontin.

There are several, very common narcotics (opiates) that are used among adults and adolescents: (more…)

Anonymous Drug Help Hotline

Coping with drug abuse and drug addiction problem can be a daunting task. From the moment you realize that you or your loved one is suffering from substance abuse or addiction, the whole world collapses on you. At that particular time, the issue seems to be hopeless and frightening. Calling the Anonymous Drug Help Hotline and speaking with the addiction specialist can help you to understand your drug abuse and addiction, answer any related questions, and find the help you need. Your life is not over yet! There are places and medical professionals who have treated addiction from moderate to severe level, and there are tangible results. (more…)

Anonymous Drug Reporting

How to anonymously report illegal drug activities?

What do you need to do when you suspect someone is dealing drugs, or participate in some drug related activity?

  • You may contact your local police department to live an anonymous tip. Identify your request for the anonymous tip to the officer you are speaking to.
  • You may submit your tip online, via FBI website. You can fill out the form, and send in in for them to check on your report.
  • You may contact your local Neighborhood Watch or Crime Stoppers. They may be able to help you to report drug activities to your local authorities.
  • You may report  drug dealing anonymously using The toll-free number is 1-800-78-CRIME or make reports using


Anonymous Drug Tip Hotline

Anonymous Drug Tip Hotline maintains a telephone line which allows callers, wishing to remain anonymous, to leave information as to drug or criminal activity. Individuals wanting to report such activity should call the Drug Tip Line.

The nation wide website ,, is provided for the public to inform federal drug agents about illegal drug trafficking activity in their communities by submitting a tip on-line.

The DEA, a federal agency, wants to find more ways to short-circuit local law enforcement and have citizens communicate directly with them. This is, of course, important to them, so they’re able to interfere with those pesky states and municipalities who don’t toe the federal drug war line.
If you want to submit a tip, you can do so here: (more…)

Anonymous Drug Help Hotline

An Anonymous Drug Help Hotline is designed to help the individuals with drug addiction and drug abuse problems to find sufficient help, and assisting the loved ones to cope with the addiction problem in the family. In addition, you will be able to receive the information on drug abuse, drug facts, and understand the addiction as a mental health disease.

For so many people who are unfamiliar with the drug addiction and the drug abuse “world”, it is hard to understand how the addiction effects the brain function, and how the drugs promotes  compulsive drug abuse.  Our society often looks at drug addiction as a character flaw, or a lack of morals.  People with drug addiction problem looked down at as the kind of individuals who are unwilling to stop their drug abuse, and change their behavior. (more…)

Do you need Alcoholics Anonymous meetings?

What do you expect when you visit your first AA meeting?

The first time goer may have the feelings of shame, despair, and hopelessness.   There is a fear of “rejection” and “judgement”.   Most of people go to the meetings hesitantly. The most common reason is when the alcoholic makes a promises to the loved ones to go, or he or she was court ordered to attend the AA meetings. Either way, it may be an unwilling commitment, but you go anyway.

The psychological state of mind and attitude may be the determining factor in your recovery journey! (more…)

Alcoholics Anonymous Support Groups

For the individuals who are trying to stop drinking, an adequate support group with alike peers who are sharing their stories and progress  may be an  invaluable source of guidance, assistance, and encouragement.  If you have a substance abuse problem, and the addiction level is mild, you may be able to attend the support groups. The Support Groups can be very helpful to achieve maintaining sobriety, to have a safe place to get support and share  challenges.

If  you are able to maintain your regular life style, and attend the support groups may be the place for you to connect with other struggling and former alcoholics, get encouraged in your fight against alcohol addiction, and help you to cope with the feelings of isolation, fear and  hopelessness. Remaining your dally motivation and positive attitude will make your meetings most effective and productive. (more…)

Do you need Alcoholics Anonymous Nevada?

According to MayoClinic’s definition:

Alcoholism is a chronic and often progressive disease that includes problems controlling your drinking, being preoccupied with alcohol, continuing to use alcohol even when it causes problems, having to drink more to get the same effect (physical dependence), or having withdrawal symptoms when you rapidly decrease or stop drinking.

In our society today, mild to moderate alcohol use is probably not as  harmful.  Unfortunately, the statistics shows that approximately 18 million adult Americans are alcoholics or have alcohol abuse problems. (more…)